Pricing Adjustments

After reflection, Rowan Tree Editing is making a small adjustment to its pricing structure. This will not impact existing quotes and contracts. These will come into effect after February. The shortest categories (under 9500 words) will be negotiated on a case by case basis, and reflect existing prices as well as the volume of the work commissioned. Other prices will increase to reflect inflation and general costs. These are still competitive prices with a guaranteed quality of service. 

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Review: Omar Sabbagh, 'But It Was An Important Failure'

You can find my Two Thirds North review of Omar Sabbagh's latest poetry collection in the newest 2020 issue. It's a stunning book and Two Thirds North is a great literary journal committed to 'a belief in the power of the story, the poem, and visual art to describe, illuminate and make real.' 

I am also currently working on some reviews for the Welsh poetry journal, Envoi

Liverpudlian Bildungsroman

See the review section on Terry Melia's Tales from the Greenhills (narrated by David Hunsdale) on Audible to read my piece 'Liverpudlian Bildungsroman' by Mr. RB FORTUNE-WOOD. 

Brief Thoughts on Characterisation


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'The Witcher': 'Game of Thrones' Antidote

I love a good pulp fantasy. Swords, magic, heroism, journey's of self-discovery, gravelly voiced warriors, bearded wizards, proto-feminist witches, silliness enjoyed for its own sake with a few generally applicable ideas about how to relate to the world. The Witcher quickly recovers from the melodramatic seriousness of its pilot (and even here, its monologues make for some great camp entertainment) to deliver a mythos as farcically enjoyable as it is still grimly relevant. 

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