Writing & Editing Goals: 2020

2019 has been an interesting year for Rowan Tree Editing. I have encountered many new clients, built up new editing relationships and worked on some fantastic manuscripts—both fiction and nonfiction, in various genres. My Medium blog has been fairly regularised, with a new essay or review now reliably scheduled for each Friday (as of the time of writing, I have posts planned for two-weeks ahead). This website's blog has suffered a little in consequence, but I aim to change that by making it somewhere I do updates on my writing and editing, give out more general, pithy advice and post shorter pieces in general. 

What does need improving this coming year is the work done on my own projects. When I started Rowan Tree Editing I hoped that it would complement my own writing and editing, and even work in tandem with seeking publication. To some extent it has done so, with the joint RTE and Cinnamon Press publication of an anthology of utopic fiction, Citizens of Nowhere, proving the most meaningful example. But it hasn't been enough—I have several manuscripts languishing unedited or awaiting an agent/publisher, and next year I plan to break through my procrastination on this front. It is far easier to encourage clients to courageously expose their work to the world that it is to do so myself.

With all that being said, I have itemised my writing and editing goals for 2020, and I publish this list here as an example of how to set out one's yearly goals. There are a few good principles I recommend for such lists: they should be realistically achievable, they should not be too easy to achieve, the different goals should be related to one another by a general theme and they should respond to internal motivations, not external pressures such as envy, status anxiety or shame.

Here is my list:

  1. Continue to secure editing clients for every month
  2. Continue to post weekly blogs on Medium
  3. Have at least one manuscript on the path to publication before 2021
  4. At least be seriously planning a follow up anthology to Citizens of Nowhere
  5. Have at least one event promoting Citizens of Nowhere within the first few months of 2020
  6. Edit to completion or shelve all completed manuscripts
  7. Write, edit and publish a cheap nonfiction ebook on utopia, which draws on and expands my PhD thesis and relevant blogs
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Thursday, 02 July 2020

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